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“AVAL” International Court of Arbitration

“AVAL” International Court of Arbitration is the permanent court of arbitration that settles the disputes, arising between the civil legal parties, upon the arbitration agreement available between them under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided the dispute to be submitted for settlement.

“AVAL” International Court of Arbitration operates in accordance with its Regulations, Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Arbitration”, as well as the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“AVAL” International Court of Arbitration has all the resources necessary to ensure a quality, adequate and impartial dispute litigation.

General Principle of “AVAL” International Court of Arbitration:

— Simplified dispute escalation;

— Speed and efficiency of the process;

— Fairness and neutrality;

— Decision of the courts is ultimate;

— Flexible payment system of the fees;

— Ensuring the entire confidentiality, as well as an individual approach to each party cooperating with us, considering all needs in respect of the financial situation, market situation and other requirements.

“AVAL” International Court of Arbitration has accumulated rich experience in arbitration in various fields of the economy over the time of operation, including banking and financial services, industrial and construction fields, etc. due to professional and impartial settlement of disputes.

International practice

“AVAL” International Court of Arbitration is one of the most respected arbitration institutions in Central Asia. “AVAL” International Court of Arbitration has got positive experience in settlement of the international disputes in such countries as Russia, China, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc. To date, 6974 cases have been settled since 2009. “AVAL” International Court Arbitration offers the quick dispute settlement: more than 95% of cases are proceeded within 20 calendar days.

Arbitration clause

The agreement to be concluded in order to conduct the trial in the “AVAL” International Court of Arbitration. The agreement shall include the Arbitration clause (text of this clause is subject to correction): “The Parties shall settle all disputes and disagreements might arise from this Agreement or in relation of it, via bilateral negotiations. If disputes are not settled by the Parties under pre-trial procedure, they shall be finally settled by the “AVAL” International Court of Arbitration, in accordance with its Regulations, by the panel of arbitrators with one presiding Arbitrator in “AVAL” International Court Arbitration located in Almaty, in compliance with the procedures established by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Parties to this Agreement are familiar with the Regulation and agree to it. This clause in the Agreement is an arbitration agreement on the transfer of all disputed issues by the parties exclusively to the “AVAL” International Court Arbitration. The decision of the “AVAL” International Court Arbitration is ultimate and binding for the Parties.”